END20 Oestrogen Metabolism Plus FMV/24Hr (Genova Diagnostics)

END20 Oestrogen Metabolism Plus FMV/24Hr (Genova Diagnostics)


This profile evaluates the important oestrogen metabolites (2/4/16a-hydroxyestrones) as well as their methylated by products, which provides valuable information about oestrogen-related diseases, such as breast cancer, prostate disease risk, osteoporosis and certain autoimmune conditions. Oestrogen methylation is a critical step in the protective mechanism of oestrogen metabolism: methylation is required for the protective effects of 2-hydroxy-estrone, and for the safe detoxification of 4-hydroxy-estrone.

Specimen Type: Urine


Patient Requirements: Please refer to full instructions sent with the kit.

16 alpha-hydroxyoestrone

2 hydroxy:16 alpha-hydroxyoestrone Ratio

2 – Hydroxyoestrone

2 – Methoxyoestrone

2-Methoxyoestrone:2-Hydroxyoestrone Ratio

4 – Hydroxyoestrone

4 – Methoxyoestrone

4 – Hydroxyoestrone/4 – Methoxyoestrone Ratio