Weight Loss 6-month Silver Package

Weight Loss 6-month Silver Package


Complete Individualised Nutrition, Ayurveda, TCM, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine along with lifestyle advice/coaching, the design of a weight loss personalised formulas in herbal tinctures, herbal teas and batch flowers and tissue salts through the 6-month period.

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6-month Weight loss Silver Package

  • 6 consultations in Nutrition, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy
  • Personalized recipe booklet
  • A 6 months specifically tailored Nutrition, Ayurveda, TCM and Naturopathy plan
  • Personalised guidebook providing information and guidance through your plan
  • 6 Personalised herbal formulas
  • 6 personalised herbal tea formulas
  • 6 personalised essential flower formulas
  • 6 personalised tissue salt formulas
  • 6-month supply of super green foods powders
  • 6-month supply of super food powder formula
  • 6-month supply antioxidant food powder formula